Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Fishing with Returning Clients!

These fine gentlemen have been down here many times and come in the fall precisely because of the uniqueness of this time of year for the seasoned salt water fly fishermen. These and many other photos tell the story of multiple double digit days on the fly. Many fish were caught during a stretch of stellar days on the

Lower Laguna Madre!

Fall fishing is ago!

The last four weeks have contained a great number of fine weather fishing days. Low winds and tailing red, while always a possibility, commonly occur throughout the fall months. Considering the fact that the daytime temps are so pleasant, I am always quick to encourage clients to get down here this time of year for a great opportunity to catch your first redfish on a fly rod.

The first photo below is a happy client on his first saltwater fly fishing trip on the Lower Laguna Madre. As you can see, he accomplished his goal! I have been so busy, I am just now getting the opportunity to publish this report.